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Community Engagement

On this page you will find materials related to past workshops, webinars, and community engagement activities.

Visión Salinas 2040 is about our community's future, goals and priorities, and above all, our people.

The City will offer a variety of opportunities and ways for residents to help shape a new vision for Salinas. Our objective is to ensure all voices are included in the General Plan. Whether you want to serve on an advisory committee, attend workshops, or just share a great idea, there will be a way for you to participate!


To view a comprehensive list with meeting dates and summaries, please click here
To view Steering Committee materials, please visit this page.


Workshops and Webinars

Housing Element Workshops - 04/19/23, 04/26/23, & 04/27/23

Public Safety Workshops - 03/28/23 & 03/29/23

Budget Meetings - January 2023

Community Design Webinar - 06/29/2022

Climate Action Workshop - 04/28/2022

Kick-Off/Existing Conditions Workshop - 01/20/2022

Land Use Workshops - August to October 2021

Built Environment Meetings

Socioeconomic Systems Meetings

Natural Systems Meetings

Environmental Justice Workshops - 09/28/2022 & 09/29/2022

Climate Action Plan Workshop

Outreach Pop-Ups

To reach a wider audience in a more casual setting, the City is conducting pop-up surveys to garner more feedback from the public. Pop-up surveys help ensure outreach efforts are accessible to the public by meeting people where they naturally gather (stores, community events, libraries, etc.). They help reach audiences who may normally not attend public meetings or respond to online surveys, and allow people to give their input at any literacy level, age, or language. 

You may see city staff at your favorite store, local library, or next community event! We want to hear your feedback!

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