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Revitalization Plan

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Vibrancy Plan

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Parks, Rec & Libraries

Master Plan

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Project Updates

Take the Survey on City Budget Priorities!

The City of Salinas Finance Department is seeking community input on the City’s budget priorities and looking to develop a budget for FY 2017/18 that reflects the needs of Salinas’ diverse neighborhoods and population.

Participate in the survey to help the City understand the community’s priorities around City spending on services and expenditures.

I   Salinas Because...

You told us what you love about Salinas and why you call it home! Click here to see photos of the "I  Salinas Activity."

You Voted! See the results of your participatory budgeting activity!

The tally is in! See which categories received the most funding at Visión Salinas' Participatory City Budget activity on Sunday May 7th at the Take it Outside Event. Click here to see a graphic of the results.

  1. Youth and Senior Programming/Recreation - 175 votes

  2. Solutions to Homelessness - 146 votes

  3. Addressing Crime and Safety - 130 votes

  4. Housing - 123 votes

  5. Road and Sidewalk repair - 122 votes

  6. Code Enforcement - 77 votes

  7. Economic Development - 52 votes

Parks, Rec, & Libraries Master Plan

There will be several opportunities for the community to participate in public meetings and stakeholder discussions. This process will provide an opportunity to identify ways to better serve the recreational needs of the Salinas community over the coming 5 to 10 years.


Saturday April 29, 2017. The Chinatown Asian Festival celebrated the district’s unique historic cultural lineage with food, activities, and the now famous dancing lions. The event was an important opportunity to begin public input on the future vision for Chinatown.


The Alisal Vibrancy Plan's Steering Committee is being assembled! Stay tuned for more updates!