About Parks, Rec & Libraries Master Plan

The Parks, Rec, & Libraries Master Plan is a citywide plan that focuses on updating the vision for Salinas' system of parks, open space, and recreational facilities and programs. The planning process is community oriented and bilingual, and community outreach is ongoing.

February 2018 Update

During the month of January, City staff and our Master Plan Steering Committee Partners led an outreach effort focused on community priorities that will help to shape the City’s Parks, Recreation Centers and Libraries.  The effort involved three (3) community meetings- one in each area of town (South, North & East Salinas), twenty-six (26) pop up survey activities and six (6) focus groups.  Over 800 residents participated in the effort which aimed to prioritize infrastructure improvements and shape recreation and library programming and services.  The City of Salinas, Library & Community Services Department would like to thank the residents who participated and our Steering Committee partners for their help coordinating and leading this effort.  Over the next several weeks, our Consultants will be reviewing all of the data received and will be folding this information in to a draft plan which we expect to be available in late April/May. 

December 2017 Update

Over the last few months, our consultants have been analyzing the data received from our initial outreach effort which included five community meetings, online and paper surveys and over 30 pop-up activities at various local events and with established groups.  Over 2000 residents participated in this effort and as a result, several themes have begun to emerge.  Below are highlights of highest priorities across all groups (community meetings, survey & pop- ups):



- Safety concerns were the most common reason residents of all ages do not use parks, recreation facilities, and libraries more often.  Residents are wary of illegal activities

- Maintenance and perception about upkeep impact usage and visitation

Expanded Programming

- More variety of art, culture, wellness and educational programs- especially for youth and seniors

Expanded Sports Facilities and Programs

- More baseball fields, renovated tennis courts, better lighting

- Increase youth after-school sports programs

- Provide adult sports leagues

Community Gathering and Events

- People want to have more places to get together with family, friends, and neighbors

- Community rooms and flex spaces for classes, events, and programs

- Picnic areas

- Community events

More trails

- Walking and biking

- Access to nature

- Connect places (parks, schools, etc.)

New Specialized Facilities

- Water parks and splash pads

- Dog parks

An update on the Master Plan was presented to the Library & Community Services Commission on November 8, 2017.  The presentation is attached in the documents section of the Visión Salinas Website and it outlines a more detailed accounting of the data we have received thus far, including the demographics of those who have participated in our survey and pop ups.

During the month of January, we will be holding a series of community meetings, focus groups and pop-ups to explore these themes further and set priorities for programming and infrastructure improvements.  The Master Plan Steering Committee and Staff are currently working on these outreach efforts and more information will be available in the coming weeks.


Please contact Kristan Lundquist, Recreation & Community Services Superintendent at kristanl@ci.salinas.ca.us or (831) 758-7222 for more information.


About Visión Salinas

With bold initiatives, Visión Salinas is a project that works to coordinate various key planning programs and activities into a unified focus on t he future of Salinas. It is expected that the emerging priorities and goals of this process will set the foundation for Salinas’ 2018 General Plan update. Visión Salinas is working to combine and strengthen several planning activities currently underway both citywide and in specific districts, bringing these under an overarching umbrella. Visión Salinas is ultimately a platform for various city departments and community partners to build a cohesive and accessible future vision that inspires and make our community members proud to call Salinas home. .

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