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"What needs to happen to ensure that Salinas grows as a vibrant and healthy community"

Please take a minute to read that article - I realize there is a project for Veterans now in Seaside but this idea could be applied to ALL homeless. The constant waste of money could be better used with this idea. A roof over their heads with close access to public and medical issues. Now they are still in tents with drug use rampant. Please respond Tiny houses in Kansas City give homeless veterans a place to call home

A city driven by cultural values of the residents who contribute to the well being of their communities, specially from creators of the 500 pound gorilla gang problem. A city of redemption and opportunity for all including paroles who posses knowledge to educate at risk youth. A city of mentor to guide the next generation into colleges and not into prisons. A city of listeners to all its residents regardless of their social statues or immigration statues. A city of unity in effort to innovate

Be sure to involve the North of Boronda Future Growth Area in the visioning meetings for the General Plan.