About Alisal Vibrancy Plan

The Alisal Vibrancy Plan is an action-oriented and comprehensive community strategy to address issues and opportunities specific to the Alisal/East Salinas neighborhoods. Through land use mix, urban design, pedestrians and vehicle circulation, public infrastructure, parks, open space, public facilities, and safety, the Vibrancy Plan seeks to create a robust framework for sustained economic opportunities that lead to a Alisal as a vibrant cultural district for residents and visitors.

To learn more visit the Alisal Vibrancy Plan Website

About Visión Salinas

With bold initiatives, Visión Salinas is a project that works to coordinate various key planning programs and activities into a unified focus on the future of Salinas. It is expected that the emerging priorities and goals of this process will set the foundation for Salinas’ 2018 General Plan update. Visión Salinas is working to combine and strengthen several planning activities currently underway both citywide and in specific districts, bringing these under an overarching umbrella. Visión Salinas is ultimately a platform for various city departments and community partners to build a cohesive and accessible future vision that inspires and make our community members proud to call Salinas home.

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